Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Jennifer is an ordained minister within the Assemblies of God.

As reflected in her educational pursuits, she is passionate about leadership, communication and unity within the church, for the purpose of impacting others for Christ. Located in Fort Worth, TX,  Jennifer is the lead pastor of Villages Community, a spiritual family committed to encountering Christ, connecting people, and impacting the world as they follow Jesus daily.

Jennifer’s ultimate passion and goal is to fulfill her primary ministry roles of loving wife, nurturing mother, and pastoral organizer. Married to Andy McAfee and momma to Andee McAfee, each morning Jennifer wakes up overwhelmed by the immense blessing God has given her when He entrusted His Andy-ee’s to become her Andy-ee’s. It is the absolute brightest element of her day to day living, and she is beyond thankful for each and every moment with them.


I’ve known Jennifer for several years now. She is an innovative thinker, willing to do things outside normal comfort zones, and a diligent worker. She’s a great communicator able to interact with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. She is insightful and intuitive looking beyond the surface and able to get to the heart of the matter. She will serve you well in your leadership needs whether coaching, speaking, or brainstorming for new ideas or direction.

-Roger Lewis
LIFEchurch pastor &
John Maxwell Team Speaker,
Trainer, Coach

Jennifer McAfee is a high capacity leader!  It’s a joy being a small part of her church planting  journey.   I love her attitude, her wit, her humor and her heart!

-Rod Loy
Senior Pastor, First A/G North Little Rock

I am constantly on the lookout for great church planters and love hearing their innovative ideas for reaching and growing people. Over the last few years Jennifer has been at the top of my list. So thankful for her impact in the Church.

-Justin Lathrop
Assemblies of God,
Director of Strategic Relations

I’m so thankful for the example that Jennifer has been for all women who desire to be a pastor. She is an incredible leader and a passionate Christ follower that any future leader can look up to.
-Scott Wilson
Senior Pastor, The Oaks Fellowship
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