A Reflection on Leadership and Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday; the beginning of Lent. 40 Days of preparation leading us to the cross and to the resurrection.

As pastors and leaders seasons like this one can be hectic.  The desire to see your congregation grow, to see each person, you pray for, experience a move of the Spirit over their lives is tangible.  Yet there is also pressure.  Pressure to make something happen.  The crushing weight of comparison can creep in and pull our focus to what others think of us, our church and our creative department (who are we kidding-you’re the creative department!).  We tend to spend more time trying to get the graphic and the wording just right all the while ignoring the purpose of Lent or Advent or Pentecost.

Pastor, work with all your energy to create an experience that draws your people to Jesus but in the process don’t lose sight of him.

Today, sit.  Be still. Turn off the noise, shut the office door for thirty minutes and just BE. Be present with Christ, the one who is so near and who longs for you to grow closer to him through this observation.

As we approach this season of Lent, may the Spirit call us back, may the wind of his love compel us to our knees and the sweet melody of grace bring comfort and relief.  May the echoes of comparison and competition fade quickly in the presence of our Father.

Peace be with you.

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