The Preacher Girls are five women blogging about Christian life and ministry leadership. Each of the women is a senior pastor of a local church, although the locations, missions, methods, and styles of the churches span a vast range. What we share is a commitment to discipleship, supernatural empowerment, leading with excellence and integrity, and strong personal relationships.

What began as an inside nickname for our group, The Preacher Girls became not just what we know each other by, but how we communicated this powerful relationship circle God has given us to our families, our churches, and our networks. Through this site, it is our desire to share some of our conversations, lessons we’ve taught one another, and to simply share stories and things we have learned in our personal journeys with God and in ministry leadership.

Because we are women in senior leadership, we have a special heart for other women on that journey, and have a corner of our site dedicated to encouraging, equipping, and connecting them into cohorts and relationships similar to our own.