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Kathy finds the most joy in sharing the story of Jesus and watching people operate in their giftings. Through authentic humor and relevant teaching, she loves working with groups and especially church planters. Her life goals are to be an amazing disciple, wife to Ben, mom, friend, follower & leader.

She began her ministry pre-kindergarten as a Pastor’s Kid in rural Virginia, going along with her father on care calls, speaking engagements, cleaning the church, always learning how to pastor and love a community. After receiving a call to ministry as a kids camper, she grew in her gifts and as a teen began preaching and speaking in multiple venues. Her formal education took her to Evangel University in Springfield, MO and an internship in Lynnfield, MA. After most recently serving for eight years as an executive pastor of ministry & development at Real Life Church in Sacramento, CA, she became the lead pastor at Sacred Church in the San Francisco Bay Area in January 2014.

The Cannons have been married for 13 years and became parents through the “zero to chaos” method of adoption. Five uh-mazing kids later, they’re busy and often sleep-deprived, but convinced the fantastic 5 are going to make the best grown-ups the world has ever seen.


Kathy Cannon is a woman of action. Not only is she the pastor of a local church, she is actively involved in shaping the Northern California and Nevada District for a brighter future. Her greatest “congregation” is her family, which she adores. You may not know her now, but you will. The Bible teaches your gifts will make room for you. Her room will be a large one as she lives her life under the powerful hand of God. I’m privileged to be one of her cheerleaders.

-Dr. Samuel M. Huddleston,
NCN Assistant District Superintendent

Whether as a communicator, writer or catalyst for change, Kathy Cannon has a reputation of leadership excellence. Kathy and I served side-by-side professionally for eight years. I watched as she added value and meaning to everyone around her. She is a top-tier leader in every sense of the word.

-Scott Hagan,
Senior Pastor,
Real Life Family of Churches

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