Because He Said So.

In John 4:43-54 we encounter a “royal official” who’s son is sick.  This man is in a desperate place of need and he has heard all about Jesus and how he can heal the sick and dying.  His son is close to death so he asks Jesus to come with him, “before my son dies”.

Jesus replies, “Go, your son will live.”

I’ve read this story so many times before. It’s old news, the boy lives!  Yet last week while I was reading this passage and observing the interaction I froze on the next verse:

“The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”

You may be wondering why I would freeze at such a sentence. What grabbed my heart, made my breath catch and brought a holy moment to the forefront?

The man took Jesus at his word.

He believed. He didn’t ask for more proof. He didn’t sit and work up his emotions so as to manipulate Jesus into giving him what he wanted.

He asked. He listened. He took Jesus’ word as truth.  He went home.

He went home to a son who was healthy and whole because He took Jesus at his word.

As I have read and re-read this passage over the last week or so I have been struck again and again by the moments in my life where I ask God for something and then question him again.

God, we need money for this bill or that.  He says, “Do not worry.” I say: ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED?

I’m sure you’ve had your own moments where God’s word is contrary to what you see in front of you.  Where he says healing, grace, peace, hope, abundant life and provision are from him….but you’re sitting there thinking, “I know, but….”

Friends, today, can we sit with the royal official who’s son was dying and listen to Jesus’ word for our situation.  Can we take a moment to hear our savior whisper, “I’ve got you.” and then instead of begging some more for what we already have been promised.  Could we dare to take Jesus at his word.

Dare, with me, to believe that healing, restoration, salvation, provision, and forgiveness are yours because Jesus said so.

Let it be said of us, that we take Jesus at his word simply because He said so.

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