Book Suggestion: Overrated by Eugene Cho

Overrated coverI would love to say that I know everything about living this Christian life and church leadership but I don’t. So when I find books or resources that help to develop either aspect of my life I like to share them. One such book is Overrated by Eugene Cho.

Eugene Cho is the founding and senior pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, Washington and founded One Day’s Wages to alleviate extreme global poverty. In Overrated Pastor Cho asks the very important question of himself and his readers, “Are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world?”. This question is at the heart of Overrated and the one that Eugene invites all of his readers to explore as he tells the story of the start of One Day’s Wages.

At VillageHouston we hold to our core values of Christ Centered, Audaciously Generous and Community Crafted. We strive to engage in Houston and around the world. Our hope is that by engaging with other believers who want to make a difference we will help others and that the love of Christ will be known. So this book piqued my interest enough to invite my leadership team to read it with me. We’ve tackled one deeply challenging chapter after another, week after week in our team meetings. We all read the chapters beforehand and came with highlights, underlines, questions and challenges that we found within the pages.

Overrated InsideIn today’s culture “justice is sexy” and Eugene Cho hopes that even though it’s sexy we as Christians will not just participate in justice organizations and actions but that we will actually CARE. He dares us, his readers, to examine, evaluate and engage in actual justice. His invitation is not just to do justice for justice sake but in response to what Christ has done in our hearts and lives.

I cannot recommend this book enough and I think it’s a great resource to walk through with some friends, a small group or your church staff. Read it. Wrestle with it. Apply the challenges to your life and church. It’s worth your time.

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