A cohort is a small group of people who journey together for a season or a lifetime. The Preacher Girls are such a group. We voluntarily started a conversation that became a deep relationship circle that we each depend upon. We believe that the iron-sharpening-iron relationships the Bible talks about are best found when peers decide to pursue these types of gatherings. While we believe that many can benefit from cohorts, we are going to specifically focus on women in senior leadership at the local church level during this season.

If you an Assemblies of God woman, currently serving as a senior or lead pastor, lead missionary, or executive director of a parachurch organization (Chi Alpha, etc.), please contact us to join our Facebook Group so we can introduce you to other women with this calling. There are many discussion groups for women in in various ministry settings and roles, so this group has a more particular focus to serve as a “mixer” of sorts for you to find your own floor space for breakfast and meet some sisters to journey with.

Technology is an incredible tool in starting cohorts! Start with the FB group, but then also check back as we post blogs and videos about some best practices we’ve learned along the way and ideas for early discussions for your group.

There is now a Preacher Girls Community: Associates Facebook Group!

This is a group for women in the Assemblies of God who are in ministry in an Associate/Staff Pastor role in their local church/mission field. We are here for support, for resourcing, for ideas and relationships that are unique to our position within our local communities.

If you know someone that you’d like refer to the group (or even feel like that may be a better fit for your current season), please send them this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PGCAssociates.