In most movements, including our own, women in senior leadership are rare. But having outgrown any desire to stand out and be completely unique, the five women you’ll read here were each actively seeking out relationships that could sharpen their own skill-sets, find camaraderie in shared experience, and bring a place to laugh and encourage one another.

In the Spring of 2012, among a larger group of young ministers, the Holy Spirit gathered us together for breakfast on the floor of a conference room in Colorado. From there a meal became a conversation which became a Facebook group which became Google Hangouts which became annual retreats which became a commitment to the future.

This cohort of five women was never designed to be an exclusive gathering. Rather, we were led by the Holy Spirit to design an intentional gathering, best experienced in intimate settings that require a smaller number of people for accountability, encouragement, challenge, and commitment.

As we shared about the blessing of our group in small gatherings, online conversations, or on our personal social media pages, private messages and e-mails began to come our direction from around the country. We’d hit a nerve. Other women felt the isolation, like we had, and wanted in on the experience of finding a unique sisterhood among the big brotherhood.

This corner of our site is dedicated to encouraging, equipping, and connecting other women in senior leadership into cohorts and relationships similar to our own. You’ll find best practices from our journey so far, ideas of early discussions for your group, and a Facebook Group that may serve as your own conference room floor, a place to meet a few other women to start an amazing journey.