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Mario Murillo’s revival classic, Reaching Critical Mass, has been reissued in a new and updated edition.  

It’s a bit of a primer on how to lead a core of believers in prayer and breakthrough for revival.

Murillo uses II Chronicles 7:14 as a road map. As long as you are all good with taking that historical text and extrapolating from it a principle by which the Father is inclined to respond to His people in prayer, then you will find this to be a good jolt of encouragement for your prayer life and your role of leading others in prayer.

The book is broken down into seven stages that you can expect to walk through when you are seeking revival breakthrough. I’ll list the stages below and for some stages I’ll include some in chapter quotes to give you an idea of Murillo’s intensity. These stages are based on the progression of the text in Chronicles. In his preface Mario warns that “before there can be a Great Awakening, there must come a rude awakening”…in other words…buckle up!

Stage One: God Seeks a Core
“If my people…”

It is no wonder that Satan has made it a top priority to make our existence seem futile. The fate of the nations rests in the hands of the righteous. When the beloved of God turn to Him, it has more impact than the evil that surrounds us.

God’s decision to spare a nation is based upon finding and purifying His people. The depravity of our country should not preoccupy our thinking. Let’s quit worrying about what they are doing and, instead, correct what we are doing.

The very first stage of revival is to establish a core. Every city needs a group that will set itself aside as a living sacrifice. These are those who want to identify themselves in God’s presence as being totally available to be brought to critical mass. These people aren’t rebels; they aren’t out for personal glory. They do not want to split churches, or walk around with superior countenances. They simply care; they only want revival.

This is a galvanizing chapter and in it, Murillo has an interesting perspective on the story of Sodom…but I’ll leave you to get the book and read it.


Stage Two: The Attitude that Gains Entrance
“…will humble themselves…”

Stage Three: The Birthing Prayer
“…and pray…”

Stage Four: Critical Mass
“…seek My face…”

They were supposed to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. They were barely a local movement; how could they ever become a worldwide movement? They knew that their mission was born of God, but how tiny and vulnerable they must have seemed to themselves. The little band of Christians had no way to imagine the impact they were about to have on mankind…

No one but God knew how thoroughly and shockingly the tables would be turned. The unpromising prayer meeting continued on raw obedience. It took grit and courage to stay in the Upper Room…


Stage Five: Dark Night of the Soul
“…and turn from their wicked way…”

The battlements of Heaven are waiting for that unmistakable ring of genuine obedience where the dragon of human nature has been mat and beheaded. “Not my will but Thy will be done!” Before the crown comes the cup. It must be swallowed to the bitter dregs.

Herein lies the truth that releases the glory. In repenting of sin, we rid ourselves of evil but in the dark night of the soul, we surrender the things we dearly love, things we can’t readily identify as being in conflict with God. Here the issue is not right and wrong, but high and low purposes of living. Spiritual awakening is not simply getting rid of sin, it is giving God what He wants.


Stage Six: The Steel Punch of God

“…then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin…”

Stage Seven: Making Revival Permanent
“…and will heal their land.”

Our entire goal is to reach critical mass and once the steel punch of God is felt, to move on to the greatest healing agency on earth: the Body of Christ operating in a healthy manner and on a daily basis.


If you are looking for current prophetic voice to stir you in your desire for God, His presence and His kingdom come, then Mario Murillo’s Reaching Critical Mass is a good choice.

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