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One of the best parts of doing life in a cohort is a constant flow of learning from one another. Once one of us reads something awesome, hears something life changing, or just discovers a book with one phenomenal chapter, we recommend it to the rest of the group, and typically we all get around to that book at some point. So… we’ll be sharing some of the love here on the site. These aren’t full reviews, and just as a disclaimer – we don’t always agree with everything we read. BUT, if it’s worth our time, and it may be worth yours, we’ll throw it up here with a link and maybe a sentence or two.

Leila is currently reading:permanent revolution

The Permanent Revolution, by Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim (with intro work by Mike Breen)


I started reading this book a couple of years ago and loved it, but I’m not sure my mind could really absorb the wealth of information and wisdom in it at the time. In the last few years our community has really attempted to integrate the fivefold ministry gifts into everything we do as teams in our church, and I am finding myself drawn back to these men’s teachings again.

You will not find a more biblical, balanced approach to the fivefold ministry gifts, and particularly the apostle, anywhere in the Church currently. This book is an amazing read and has very practical, Kingdom-transforming implications.

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