During conversations in the last few months, various members of the Preacher Girl community have had opportunity to speak with leaders in our church fellowship. Through these moments and communications, we have been asked to help continue conversation regarding the support and promotion of women in senior leadership positions. At times, specific resources have been requested. In an attempt to streamline information and conversations, we’ve developed this portion of our site for district leaders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please join in the conversation and be a game changer for women in ministry!





Resource: Empty the Bench

supers - diagramIdeas and partnerships to help female lead pastoral candidates get off of the bench and into the game.

  • Original Gate-Fold Flyer | outside | inside
  • One-Page for District Leaders | pdf
  • One-Page for Presbyters | pdf
  • One-Page for Local Pastors | pdf
  • One-Page for Church Boards | pdf


Resource: Pulpit Committee Training

Training and support for local church pulpit committees to consider qualified female candidates for the role of senior pastor, as well as practical and legal considerations.

  • coming soon
Resource: Model Mentoring

A new model for cross-gender mentors, including helpful guidelines and suggestions.

  • coming soon




How can we serve you?

If you would like to have a particular conversation or are in need of a resource, please let us know!