When God says, “Duh”…


Fear. Of. Missing. Out.

FOMO is prevalent enough in our lives that its been added to the list of ridiculous acronyms like YOLO and SMH. And let me tell you, from one FOMO-sufferer to another, the struggle is real!

FOMO, for me, is a desire to be involved in everything–because you might miss something… anything! And to miss out is tragic!

That’s what happened to me, fairly recently. I love these Preacher Girls, especially after watching my friend, Korista’s, life change so drastically after engaging with the other four. But I’ve wanted something like that in my life, too. And once this community (through the blog and other efforts to establish lasting relationships with lead pastors) was created, I very clearly told God, “I want that.” Do you know what He said to me?


“Do it yourself. Duh.”


Yes, I’m fairly sure that God told me “Duh.”

I started thinking the process through. Who would I involve in my cohort? How would I connect? What would we do? I went through and started reading the cohort information on this website, learning what these five women experienced and simply thinking.

About a day later (when God says “Duh,” things move more quickly!), I was contacted by Rachel. She asked me if I would be interested in doing some groundwork to establish what they’ve done for lead pastors, but for associate pastors. A place where women who aren’t lead pastors, but who are still in ministry, can grow and create their own cohorts and relationships.

Of course I said yes. God had already told me to! I’m currently in my own brand new cohort right now and we’re getting to know each other a little more. We’ll soon be launching a place for those like us to connect. I’m looking forward to deepening relationships with these women, to learning how to start something like this, and to connecting other women who suffer from FOMO as well!

God has said “Duh” to me a few times in my life. When I was asked to be a chaperone on a youth mission trip to Haiti, my words said “No, thanks,” but God clearly spoke, “Duh. Yes, you’re going” the night that I was asked. When I was envious of the fun that the men in my previous church were having at a men’s event, the leader of men’s ministries said, “Why don’t you do your own event for women? Duh!” Out of that conversation, a women’s event that celebrated activity and movement was born, which helped change the face of women’s ministry in our whole church.


What’s the point? Listen. Maybe your relationship with God is a little more formal than mine. Perhaps He tells you, “Excuse me, Child. Shouldn’t you pay attention here?” However He gets your attention, listen. There are few things in our life that are this clear, and when He says, “Duh. DO IT,” you’d best get up and DO IT.

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Emily fell in love with Jesus as an 18-year-old freshman in college. From the beginning, she has adored God’s Word and sharing about Him with others. She is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and her passion is to share how our stories fit into God’s greater story, using humor, Scripture, and the tales of everyday life. Emily currently resides in Las Vegas and is part of the pastoral team of a church startup in Downtown. She’s excited to have the opportunity to share Jesus and life with the people in southern Nevada. It’s a big change from her home in Washington State, but is an exciting journey watching God move!
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