God With Us

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and Truth.” John 1:14

My favorite quality about the Christmas season is the anticipation that mounts with each day, drawing us a step closer to Christmas morning and time with family. Gifts, food and family make up a day that, at least in our house, was always full of wonder and awe.

Yet, that wonder and awe was not only focused on presents and family; my parents were proactive in weaving in awe for what God had done by sending his son, Jesus.

Jesus, the Messiah.

Jesus, the Son of God.

Jesus, Emmanuel. God with Us.


God, divine, holy, creator and king.

With, present, beside, along, among, near.

Us, human, born, flesh, blood, vulnerable, person.


There is something so humbling, so absolutely mind blowing about the truth that God clothed himself in humanity and walked among us.

I have no ability to comprehend the science behind it or the mystery of how he did what he did.


I know this humbling action of God becoming human changed the shape of history and invaded my life.

God with Us. God standing beside us. Walking in camaraderie and shared experience with us. With you. With me. To know that Jesus understands my struggles, my doubts, my daily missteps and still extends grace to this broken girl…..that is the Christmas miracle that occurred one night, long ago in Bethlehem. That night when the stars were brightly shining, the Shepherds were tending their flocks and a baby entered this world in a stable.

That night when the divine broke into the ordinary and nothing and no one would ever be the same.

That night when God revealed that he is Emmanuel, God with US.

Maybe the hustle and bustle of this season gets you flustered and forgetful. Maybe you’re grieving the loss of dear loved ones and the season just brings a hopeless feeling now. Maybe you get wrapped up in the preparing but never really enjoy the time. Maybe, like me, you’ve experienced major life change this past year and Christmas is not going to be what it has always been…you have new traditions to learn and make with new family surrounding you.

Wherever you find yourself this Christmas season I want to encourage you to stop…just for a moment. Take a deep breath and meditate on the reality that God is with you. That his birth, which we celebrate, means that you are not alone. Let his presence bring peace, comfort, hope and joy!

I pray that today you sense the presence of God who is near and cares for us in our broken, messy, busy lives!

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  1. Beautiful!!! So many struggles that cause me to lose focus on the truth behind the holiday…Hugs to you sweet Korista and thanks for the encouraging view <3

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