Hopelessness is Not an Option. [pt 2]

[part 2]
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Where does hopelessness come from?

It comes from lies and loves.

You see, if I believe that the Father truly is working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes then there actually is no room for hopelessness.

Once I believe that God is at work in a situation…any situation…one I’ve screwed up…one you’ve screwed up…one that is global…one that is in my home, my bank account, my child…any situation, then it is impossible for me to sink into the despair of hopelessness.

When I believe lies, hopelessness feels right at home.

And there is almost always a pernicious little twist in these lies….like yeast growing and working it’s way through dough.

Because we believe all of the right stuff, but the lie is that we’re just disqualified somehow from the things that are true about the Father.

I believe that God can supply all of peoples needs according to His riches in glory, except for my student loans because I just made a bad decision in taking on so much debt for my education.  My bad choice disqualifies me from God meeting me in my point of need as I purpose to do right in this situation.

God is all powerful, but He is unable to bring another great awakening to America because Bruce Jenner wants to be called Caitlyn.  Even if the people of God humble themselves and pray and turn from any wicked way, it’s really just too late for His love and glory to to turn the tide.


God is making all things new, except for my sexual past.  My previous choices and moral failings uniquely disqualify me from living a life free of shame and guilt.  His love is just not robust enough to cover the multitude of my sins.


I know that the Father has given us His kingdom without measure, but He isn’t actually going to speak to or work through me…He only really works through the “professional Christians” on TV.


These may seem kind of funny, but the truth is that we live out of these kinds of lies all of the time.

These lies are a breeding ground for hopelessness.

What situations in your life or in the world around you, weigh heavy on your mind?

Make a mental checklist of the ones that fill your thoughts the most.

What do you believe is true about each situation and it‘s outcome?
When you apply the lens of God being at work in that situation, how quickly does hopelessness evaporate?

Crucial to this exercise is the belief that God is working all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).

His Purposes.
He is not working everything out according to my demands.

So, here is where our loves come into play.

What is your heart set on?

Wrong loves will sabotage hope.  Whereas lies are a breeding ground for hopelessness, wrong loves will take that hopelessness and turn it rock hard until you are consumed by resentment and a cold kind of despair.

Stay tuned for Part Three…we will melt resentments that keep us locked in hopelessness.

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