Immersion 2015

One of my favorite things to do when looking back on our first Preacher Girl Immersion is to look at the experience from a 30,000 ft view. Having been part of several different retreats of this style now (our cohort of PGs met at something similar for young ministers), it’s easy for me to have full faith that the awkward social beginnings can turn into amazing, true friendships in the brief span of 48 hours together. But I know newbie participants don’t walk into the room feeling the same confidence. That transformation in faces, body language, and sheer volume of laughter is such a joyous thing to see!

We won’t give away all of the fun details (you’ll need to attend a future Immersion for that!), but I’ll leave you with some of the images & quotes from ladies who attended.

Immersion 5

Immersion 3

“Resources were amazingly valuable, lifelong friendship connections were made, and servant leadership was modeled. Taking away so so much. Thank you all for loving us so well.”

“This was seriously the best conference I’ve ever been to. Each and every moment was so intentional and valuable for me. Whether it was laughing so hard my sides hurt (I so needed the laughter to flood into my heart), the amazing resources and ideas from Pastor Rod’s staff & the Preacher Girls, or the deep conversations and relationships made…every moment was beyond valuable to me. I am eternally grateful and thankful for God’s graciousness and the PG’s for following the leading of the Holy Spirit.”

Immersion 2“I feel that this conference was literally made for me. We didn’t have to have all the cutsie, it wasn’t 2 days of being preached at, it was interactive. I was able to put something to use this week. One of the biggest takeaways… this may sound weird… but I realized that I’m not weird. Looking around a room of people like me and talking to people who actually understand and walk in my call and anointing was beyond priceless. Also, getting to look the people in the face and hug their necks and thank them for being there for me all year meant so much to me.”

While at Immersion, the Lord blessed me with confirmation after confirmation to simply be the pastor/shepherd He has called and equipped me to be.

Immersion 6“YOU lovely hostesses impressed me and encouraged me to be more transparent with my sisters in Christ. I was so blessed with the freedom Immersion facilitated. I was processing a LOT of stress – but my super new friend, and roomie, gave me support and space the entire conference too. She was such a Spiritual care supporter!”

Immersion 1“From the Immersion I discovered that there exists an army of strong, intelligent, and beautiful female leaders. These women might seem tough and intimidating at first but they are some of the most welcoming and supportive people I have ever come in contact with. I am encouraged by their stories and therefore inspired to do something bold for the Kingdom. I look to the future with high hopes for an ‘Immersion-Round 2’!”

“What I took away from Immersion:
1. Baptism in confidence
2. Friendships/amazing cohort/sisterhood
3. I am not weird, only anointed:)
4. God is not done w/me”

“I took so much away from Immersion. Although we share common challenges, we can be encouraged knowing those who’ve been in our shoes have made it thus far and we can be an encouraging friend to those on this same journey. I kept hearing in my spirit, courageous grace!! It takes courage to be honest with yourself and surround yourself with friendships that will also be honest and love you enough to challenge you.”

Immersion 4“Before Preacher Girl Immersion…as far as ministry is concerned… I felt so lonely, inadequate and pushed to the cornered without value and hope. In the past three days I am amazed of how The Lord ministered to my life…as He showed me that His validation is all I need. While I do not have a church space, the amount of members I wish to have and many more things I wish for…I cannot worry about what I don’t have but pay attention to what I do have which is the support of The One Who called me to ministry. I must learn to be faithful in the minimum while He teaches me and gets me ready for the larger that is to come.”


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