Meet Kathy, pt. 1

What is Kathy’s role among the Preacher Girls?

  • She’s the mom who makes sure our lunches are packed and our chores are done
  • Kathy is the focus- she brings clarity to our chaos
  • Superwoman in fabulous heels

Kathy’s greatest strengths are… 

  • Clear Vision, Skilled Communicator, Fearlessness, Strategy
  • Kathy is a structure queen but she also incredibly relational. She remembers people, what makes them tick, and finds quirky ways to encourage them that is unique to them.
  • Confidence, innovation, risk-taking, excellence

Favorite memories with/about Kathy?

  • When she edited a photo of Rachel to be green faced as payback for a wrong move in Ticket to Ride!
  • Kathy is so proficient at some many things, that she ends up signed up for 20 tasks no matter what we are doing. At Korista’s wedding I would not have been surprised if she had been asked to be the bride or the groom too.
  • She was my first — First General Council, First Business Session, First Shopping for Delicates…so so so many great firsts
  • “You’re dead to me.”
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