Meet Korista, pt. 1

What is Korista’s role among the Preacher Girls?

  • Liking everything that everyone says
  • Encourager & Intercessor
  • She is the mom who gets all of the kids home for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Korista’s greatest strengths are… 

  • Courageous obedience
  • Investment in relationship
  • Her pastoral heart

Favorite memories with/about Korista?

  • Prophetic Emoji conversations
  • Boots, the bidding war that ensued after Kathy posted pictures of her… then watching her walk down the aisle a year later
  • Watching her face change by holding on so tightly to Jesus’ hand, and courage that many women don’t have
  • The weight in Korista’s words; there’s never anything frivolous. She always means exactly what she says and the things that she has to say reveal value in other people
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