Meet Jennifer, pt. 1

What is Jennifer’s role among the Preacher Girls?

  • Interpreter of all things Texas. The rest of us Just. Don’t. Understand.
  • In our Preacher Girl conversations we can end up all over the place. Jenn is the one who often quietly allows the rest of us to go off on a bunny trail, but then her input brings us back to the original question, and where we need to be.
  • The observer.

Jennifer’s greatest strengths are… 

  • Determination, drive, & a gut-deep level desire for relationship
  • Strong Communicator, passionate about the Kingdom, innovative
  • She’ll make a plan and she’ll keep at it. She’ll keep pursuing what God wants.

Favorite memories with/about Jennifer?

  • I will never forget how giddy Jennifer was when I told her about Ryan and I. She was such a “jr high” girl happy!
  • Breakfast with Rick Warren. It’s how we met. That, and me chasing her down in a convention center hallway right after that.
  • Jennifer’s joy at having us for friends – it reminds me how blessed we are to have each other
  • She’s the reason I got my first pedicure!
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