Meet Jennifer, pt. 2

We were each asked to complete a number of statements about Jennifer with one word answers. Here’s what we had to say.

meet Jennifer

Jennifer is the most ____________ of the group.

  • quiet
  • empathetic
  • introspective

When I want advice on ____________ I think of Jennifer first.

  • the South
  • focusing
  • theology

Jennifer is amazing at ____________.

  • endurance
  • word-smithing
  • inclusion

Jennifer is horrible at ____________.

  • grace for herself
  • stereotypes
  • shopping


1 Comment
  1. Hi Ps Jennifer:

    Would you and your staff please pray for me? I am a 55 year old female (going on 40) who has been avoiding a call to preach for 45-50 years. I am just not considering going to school to obtain my preaching credentials. Although I have already been asked to speak on several occasions, I don’t always feel like its my place. I’m struggling with the old religious mind set of the day when I was young in which females were not to preach, or speak, for that matter. My father was a soft-spoken Evangalist and had a Sunday Am radio program at 7am which I helped him with for many years, then we got ready and went to church, we then prepared to go visit some church somewhere in the evenings where He would preach! Preaching was an all day event in our family. Now, since he has passed away, 3 years ago, I am sorry and sad to say that out of 7 siblings, no one has picked up the mantel. I feel very guilty knowing that I was called to do this and never bothered to step into faith and carry on. Please pray that I would have God’s guidance to know where to begin and where to attend school. Signed, very much afraid,

    Eva in Indianapolis

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