Meet Leila, pt. 1

What is Leila’s role among the Preacher Girls?

  • Blunt-force trauma… in the very best way possible.
  • Leila is the questioner. She has a way of asking super insightful straight to heart questions that lead you to discovering the truth without beating you up with it.
  • Keeper of Perspective

Leila’s greatest strengths are… 

  • Discipleship, Personal Influence, and Pioneering… oh, and GUTS
  • A confidence in her calling and security in her identity in Christ
  • A compassionate heart for those who do not yet know Jesus, and a tenacity to meet people where they are

Favorite memories with/about Leila?

  • Did we mention she’s got GUTS?
  • We had a smack down, in your face argument right before she and Eric were scheduled to fly out to our church to do the missions convention. I thought, “This is somebody that I will always be able to trust because she is honest even when it could cost her something.”
  • Leila’s was the first voice I could hear in my head whenever I read her words. The others came with time, but Leila’s cadence (not her kid, her speed) and the tenor of her voice are distinctive. It made me feel close to her so quickly into our relationship that I could “hear” her talking on Facebook.
  • Her life stories – all of them – are the absolute best!
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