Ordinary Tuesdays

It’s just an average Tuesday morning here in Houston.  I went for a run and started my morning rituals of preparing my mind, body and spirit for the day ahead.  I’ve got some people weighing on my heart and mind; so much of my run was spent praying over them and reflecting.

It’s an average Tuesday after a not so average weekend.  Easter for church leaders and staff is often a huge deal.  On top of the normal preparations there are extra events, observances or programs that get added in.

All these extras can make for a terrible crash after the event. Whether the observation of the Resurrection was a HUGE success or a terrible letdown in your context I hope that this blog will encourage your heart on this the most mundane of Tuesdays.

As a pastor the very hardest thing to balance, in my opinion, is the idea that the church I serve is God’s church.

Now hear me out.  I know this is not MY church.  I know that I’m not calling people to worship me; I point them to Jesus and invite them into relationship with God.  It’s definitely not about me.

Yet, I’m the pastor.  I am the leader who casts the vision, sets the tone and hopefully calls people to live out the great commision.

So big Sundays can challenge my deep understanding of where I (or my team) end and Jesus begins.  Who is responsible for the lights getting set at the right level, who makes sure the greeters know where to stand and who chooses the tone of the message….well that’s us.

Who draws people to follow after Jesus?  Who convicts the heart of sinners?  Who heals the break between God and people?  NOT ME!  NOT US!

Pastor, whether you have cause to celebrate a successful Easter service or you find yourself wondering if you should quit being a pastor and join the circus (who doesn’t want to be an acrobat!). Can I encourage you to find a quiet place and reflect on Jesus.

On the best of days The Church is His Church.

On the worst of days The Church is His Church.

We can mess up all sorts of stuff or do all the very best things but at the end of the day if we are faithful to obey the call of God on our lives to lead his people…. His Church will grow!

So today, on this ordinary Tuesday take joy and solace in the knowledge that Christ is the one on whom the Church rests.


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