Overflowing with… well…

“Things they don’t teach you in theology classes in college.”

Seriously. That’s what crossed my mind this week when I drove up to the church, parked my car, and proceeded to smell, then see… a non-joyous site. We are incredibly blessed to call our debt-free, 75-year old building home. But sometimes, older buildings have issues with things like pipes… and sewer lines. Umm, yeah. I was NOT overflowing with joy that morning, but there was an overflow line, doing it’s ‘thing,’ and… well… overflowing.

feature modern plumbingBut can I get an “Amen!” for church family past who were great stewards and paid for the city to run an extra outflow line to the city utilities? Because of that, we had ZERO plumber bills this week, and the awesome city utilities workers came out right away to take care of the problem, both internally (pumping out our pipes) and externally (sanitizing our driveway). The verdict? The gentleman saying, “It’s time to preach it from the pulpit – No flushing paper towels!”

Let’s be clear – plumbing problems aren’t joyous occasions. But this week I had to still smile and laugh as God once again did HIS thing and taught us a lesson through the very physical world we live in. Jesus modeled this, teaching in parables – earthly stories with heavenly meanings.

Hear me out on this — 
When we steward our lives well for the long run, God takes care of us, even when we get into a mess. All we have to do is make one simple call (through prayer), and He meets us right at our point of need. He cleans up the internal first, digging down inside to make things clear, ensuring we won’t face the same problem over and over again right away. And then He doesn’t leave us messy – He takes the time and the care to clean up the external, changing our countenance, restoring our joy.

So when there’s been an overflowing mess in your life– call on God this week. I promise, He can turn that mess into joy overflowing through His grace, mercy, and peace.

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