Meet Rachel, pt. 1

What is Rachel’s role among the Preacher Girls?

  • Truth-teller, even when it isn’t easy to hear
  • She’s the conservative one, the singer of silly songs, and the pet mortician
  • She is the wise prophet of the group, who brings depth and experience to our conversations

Rachel’s greatest strengths are… 

  • She refuses to let others be less than God’s best for them, if she can at all help it
  • Focusing on solutions rather than problems
  • Working in practical, everyday reality while keeping a Spirit-driven, Kingdom focus

Favorite memories with/about Rachel?

  • French toast – her secret ingredients are amazing
  • Interviewing her about being a female pastor. It was the first time I was able to hear her voice, and it was the moment that she became my hero!
  • Ticket to Ride Karaoke
  • Me crying while she laughed hysterically. To anyone else it would be completely awkward, but the comfort level to know I can express myself the way I do while she expresses herself the way she does is a powerful thing.
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