Retreat Roadkill

I originally wrote this 3 years ago after a women’s conference. Returning from both The Preacher Girl Immersion and the Behold conference in Colorado this weekend brought it back to mind, and I thought it may be a great reminder to those who participated in either event.

Last month I had a morning where I woke up on the mountaintop. But as mountaintop times tend to go, that season is temporary and I needed to head back to real life in the valley.

As I drove down the twisting, turning roads from our Girlfriends Conference retreat site to Sacramento and that day’s services, I couldn’t help but notice something…

Something was rotten in the state of Denmark… err… California. And this country-raised girl recognized right away that there was skunk roadkill nearby. It reeked! Seriously. Stinky. Stuff.

And since I had been at the Girlfriends Conference, and was headed to church, I was feeling quite spiritual and said to God, “Isn’t it just like the enemy? As soon as you start to head down from the mountaintop experience, he wants to throw all of this gross, stinky stuff in your path.”

To be honest I was pleased with this beautiful life analogy I had developed on the spot (aka in the car) and was just mulling over how annoying the devil can be in our lives when we’ve had a great experience with God and Satan’s strong desire to ruin it for us.

Then God pointed out a very important detail.

“Kathy, please note that all of the stinky stuff is DEAD.”

Ahh… yes, and God once again plays the rook card on the devil. (Since God is a Christian and wouldn’t play traditional trump card games… kidding!)

You see, when we’ve gathered our strength and authority through Him who is Strength Complete, the devil will do his best to throw all of the skunks of life in our way as we go down to do life and ministry at the foot of the mountain. But in that moment, just wrinkle your nose at the smell and then chuckle at the devil, who needs a good reminder – that junk is DEAD.

Those regrets, mistakes, choices, relationships or influences of the past that now stink to your cleared spiritual sinuses are roadkill at this point, and are of no concern to your life in Christ.

Because Satan is defeated, and all he can show you is death, which compared to the life we are given more abundantly in Jesus… is just stinky roadkill.

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