Rewind and Re-Share! (A Word on Holiness from Rachel)

The first time I read this blog from Rachel, last year, I was challenged and encouraged.  Her assertion of God’s presence being the essence of Holiness is such a beautiful and challenging word.

Hopefully Rachel’s blog, The Intersection of Advent and Holiness will call you to a deeper perspective on holiness being worked out in our lives and the importance of Jesus’ coming.


Advent is all about presence. His Presence. Preparing our hearts for the celebration of His coming…Emmanuel, God with us.

I’ve been thinking about the intersection of His Presence and holiness.  After all, what made something holy in Scripture? His Presence.

When Moses had to take off his shoes on Mt. Sinai because he was standing on holy ground…it’s not because the mountain was holy. The mountain was hosting the presence and God and that made it holy…..

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