Seven Days of Awesome Blogs: Two Big Reasons I know you Lead an Awesome Church or Ministry

by Ryan Beaty


Welcome to day two of “Seven Days of Awesome Blogs.” Once again, its not called that because the blogs are awesome but because they are about something awesome… You! Today is another one for church leaders. But if you are not a church leader, you should still read this. Maybe it will help you be more supportive of the leader God has given you.


Let’s jump right in to today’s awesomeness.


Two BIG Reasons I Know You Lead an Awesome Church or Ministry


  • You Keep it Focused on Important Things.



When we lead ministries and churches, it becomes really easy to get distracted, doesn’t it? The meetings and phone calls, the visits and planning sessions, it can become so overwhelming. We have people vying for our time and attention, our guidance and allegiance. There are also never a shortage of people who have opinions, if you can call them opinions when they feel more akin to mandates from God, on how church is supposed to be done.


You however, lead an awesome ministry because you keep it focused on what’s important. The most important thing of course is Jesus. Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith, our Alpha and Omega. If we really believe that and take it to heart, like I know you do, then it means that all of life and ministry is encapsulated in the person and work of Christ. Christ fully gave Himself to us and to the world. That’s a big deal! Christ is the fullest expression of God. He is more than God’s bridge to us, He IS God to us. And He gave Himself, all of himself, inviting us to give our fullest selves in return, saving us from sin and death, and modeling for us what to teach and how to live.


The Great Commission bares this out for us completely. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…” {Matthew 28:19-20a ESV emphasis mine)


Focusing on Jesus means being like Jesus. An awesome ministry, like the one you lead, is doing it’s best to do just that.


Other important things include staying on mission. We all, as followers of Christ, are given the Great Commission. We are also given the Great Commandment. “And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39 ESV) If we live out those things then we have knocked the ball out of the park and done what the LORD requires of us.


Then there is also our ministry mission. God has a DNA; a mission, vision, and core values, for every ministry. There is something(s) specific God wants our churches and ministries to be about in the communities He planted us in. Ministries that are ineffective largely attempt to do too many things. They are understaffed, under-led, and under-passionate. This mostly happens because we are trying to please everyone instead of hearing directly from God about the DNA He has for His church, which He asks us to lead. You as an effective spiritual leader will listen for God’s voice and direction in the trajectory of your ministry. Not every church is meant to do every ministry. That’s what other churches are for. When God gives you the DNA for the church He has asked you to lead, as an effective leader you don’t do some of the things other churches do. Some ministries you leave out. Why? Because they don’t fit your DNA and the Kingdom of God is way bigger than any one church! Let another church do that and let the people who want that ministry go to that other church. That church is just as much God’s church as ours is and those people are God’s people. You as a great leader leading a great ministry understand that we don’t own them and we bless them in their comings and their goings, just like we would hope they would do for us.


You figure out what God is asking of the church He has asked you to lead and do that. Recruit Godly key people to help you pray and hear from God with you and as a community run the race God has plotted for you. Effective leaders know that this makes us happier and healthier people and ministries.



  • You’re the Leader!



A lot of people discount the power of the ministry they lead because they don’t believe in themselves. I spent an entire blog yesterday talking about how awesome you are, so I won’t rehash that here. I am going to take a different approach.


I think a large percentage of leaders merely feel like placeholders. They’re only filling in until the real leader arises or someone else gets appointed to take their place. But good leaders see every opportunity as just that, an opportunity. We take the chance we are given, even if it seems like it is something there is no way we would ever be good at or enjoy, and we run with it. We learn and grow. We hone our skills developing other leaders to follow us. We become SME’s (subject matter experts) and do the absolute best we can. And we do all this, even in areas where we feel incompetent and incapable for a couple of very key reasons.


First of all, practice makes perfect. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a born leader. Sure there are people who are naturally gifted with the ability to inspire and draw crowds. But leadership is more than just rhetoric. We need only look at our government to prove that to be true. Leadership is as much an art as it is a gift. And like any skill it must be honed and practices to become proficient. So, even though we feel incapable to do the job given us, we see it as a chance to become a better leader.


More importantly however is that we understand that God wastes no one’s time. Even if we don’t like the ministry we are leading and don’t want to be leading it, God has asked us to do it, which means its important to Him making it important to us. God uses our weakness to display His strength. It is when we are incapacitated that His Spirit is most activated. If we are always operating in our own strength, under our own power, with our own skills, then when do we need Him? God wants us to NEED Him. So He often leads us into situations where we are forced to do. A minister or pastor who is in complete dependence on God for instead of his/her personal talents is someone God can really use, and is leading a ministry God can really use.


I hope these thoughts were beneficial and encouraging to you. There is no reason to be in doubt when the God of the universe is on your side! Be encouraged and stay excellent. See you tomorrow…


Ryan Beaty is the founding pastor of VillageHouston, an Assemblies of God church located in urban Houston, TX. He is an avid reader, pop-culture nerd, and theology honk. He and his wife, Korista, live in urban Houston where Ryan also serves as the chaplain of an Episcopalian day school.


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