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The other day in an email communication to our church, I accidentally called today Black Friday. And even though I don’t wish people to associate this amazing day–one of the most significant of history–with stampeding shoppers overcome with greed and materialism, otherwise Black Friday fits.

I can only imagine how dark this day was for the original followers of Jesus–seemingly how hopeless their condition and how pointless His brutal death. It isn’t onlydisciple at cross
that the Savior of the world had just died and that they were likely doubting the purpose of the last three years of their lives, they had also lost a friend. A teacher, a rabbi, someone with whom they had laughed and cried, who had shown them value and worth and had believed in them every day. I cannot even fathom the sense of loss that the disciples felt on this day, thousands of years ago.

Processing some of the grief I have experienced over the years, particularly through the deaths of my parents, I have turned again and again to my family–something leads me to believe that no one can grieve with me the way they can. Though others can relate in a general sense, it is only those who met my Mom and Dad–who enjoyed his awesome [horrible] jokes and who tasted her love-infused chocolate oatmeal cookies–who can truly appreciate what I’ve lost.

Today I call upon that same understanding of shared grief. I join in with thousands and thousands and thousands of other believers to process our loss, to grieve together the pain and torture that our Savior willingly bore for us. See, I am not an only child. I am part of a great Family, filled with brothers and sisters from every nation, every denomination, every race, every time period. Today I join in the stream of history and mourn with my Family, thanking Him for what He did for us–what He did for ME.

So Happy Good/Black Friday! However you choose to celebrate it, you are not alone.


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