Stewarding our Seconds and our Seasons: Know When

This is the third blog in a series about Stewarding our Seconds and Seasons.  I’ve come to realize that to live our lives in a way that honors God we must pay attention to the seconds that we are given each day and the seasons we live in.  We must find a rhythm of life that focuses our time, talents and treasures in a way that glorifies God above ourselves.  Know Why and Know What are the first two filters to stewarding our time, treasure and talents correctly; the third filter is to Know When.

Knowing When isn’t about a certain time of day or keeping a good calendar.  To utilize this filter think season.  What season are you in?

Are you in a sowing time?

Are you in a growing time?

Or maybe a pruning time? (Those aren’t fun!)

What about the harvesting time!?

Or the all important resting time?

When are you?  What season has God lead you into?

Each season we enter, each of our “when’s” hold different time constraints, needs, and responsibilities.  If we recognize that we are, for instance, in a sowing season in our spiritual lives, in ministry and in leadership then we should understand that it will take hard work.  Sowing can be tedious and hold long, sometimes tough days with little immediate pay off.  It’s hard.  During sowing seasons we will need to guard our sabbath days and rest times.  We’ll need to sleep and refresh so we’re prepared to continue to sow.  In sowing seasons, it’s imperative that we continue to lean on the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit or we may burn out before the sowing has been complete.

Maybe you are in the midst of the pruning season.  It feels like the Lord is removing some very important elements of your life but for some reason you are still able to function.  Pruning is an important part of growth; during these seasons we must recognize our need for discernment and wise council.  In pruning seasons reminding ourselves of the community of faith that we belong to will help us know that we have not lost everything!  Lean on brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage you.

I hope, my friend, that you are in a season of harvest!  A season where everything seems to be producing fruit and your hand touches gold at every turn!  Salvations, baptisms and healing abound and life is JOYFUL!  During the harvest seasons we must remember to rest and clearly give glory to the Lord for He is the one, he is the one who causes the growth!

Whatever your WHEN, whichever season you are entering, exiting or in the middle of to steward your time, treasure and talent well you must recognize it!

Know When you are….and your seconds and seasons will be fruitful and God honoring.

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