Stewarding People: Job Descriptions

I have had a bunch of job descriptions in my life.

One of them basically said, “Lead well.” I liked that one. It gave me a ridiculous amount of freedom to find things to get myself in trouble, but also to start things, grow things, influence things, and LEARN how to do exactly what that job description asked of me. Trust me – I learned a lot.

And while I loved that job description, it probably gave me just enough to hang myself with, you know? I definitely wouldn’t advise it as a regular thing, and I later ended up writing a much more specific description for myself.

So FIRST – what was your best job description? Do you have a file somewhere with a bunch? In the comments section, let’s resource each other with links to as many as you have, alright? I’ll add some more that I’ve gathered from various places. I’m sure some will be horrible, but sometimes it’s just that one line of wording that is helpful! Please remember to remove names and any salaries that may be listed. 😉

SECOND – here are some great things to keep in mind with handing someone a job description:

  • Have one! (see above about enough rope for your staff member to hang himself) Even volunteers can be blessed by a very clear, written description of what they’re supposed to be doing.
  • The best job descriptions are written by the leader, and agreed upon by the team member, so a team member knows what is expected of her, and no one worries about unspoken expectations.
  • People change, roles change, seasons change… and so do job descriptions. Job descriptions should be reviewed annually.
  • Include responsibilities that are the same for everyone (all associate pastors, all department leaders, etc) such as meetings, attendance at all-church events etc, as a separate category on the description from the person/position-specific parts of the job description. This makes it clear that everyone is on the same page, and the expectations are the same across the board.

THIRD – A job description is not the ONLY document a new team member needs! I like to include a Ministry Invitation with mine. It’s part cover-page, part contract agreement, and I’ll be posting about that soon. I also include our core values and some other info that I’ll include in a future post.

Okay, ready to start posting? Here’s a few I have gathered over the years:Stewarding People - information on church HR, team, staff, and volunteer practices

Administrative Pastor
Children’s Pastor Job Description
Children’s Pastor
Connections Pastor
Creative Arts Pastor
Executive Pastor
Family Pastor
Groups Director
Job Description – Exec Ministry and Development
Lead Pastor Office Manager
Personal Assistant to Lead Pastor
Pre-School Director
RKL Adult Leader Job Description
Student Pastor
Volunteer Job Descriptions
Worship Pastor


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