Stewarding People: Leadership Inquiry

Continuing (finally!) in the Stewarding People series, here’s one of the documents that I’ve used in multiple settings.

At my last church, my pastor developed a questionnaire that he liked for possible staff and interns to complete. At various times we would edit it for the situation, so you will certainly have to do the same. We found that assumptions about what someone knew or believed were pretty dangerous.

Something I need to mention:
Legally, there are questions that cannot be asked during employment interviews.

Stewarding People - information on church HR, team, staff, and volunteer practicesPlease, please, please don’t be one of those churches that breaks the law or makes horrible conditions for employment like marital status or gender or age. We often think we can bend (read: break) all these rules in ministry, but we should be setting the example.

This list of 18 questions (that mostly require pretty short answers) is not a condition of employment, and is used not as a condition of placement for any leader, but instead as a part of the pastoral process with your leaders. Hearing their answers gives you a great starter list for future conversations that may need to happen as you lead them, either before they’re in a particular role or after.

PDF: Leadership Inquiry
Word Doc: Leadership Inquiry

What do you think? What is this missing? What would you leave out?

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