Stewarding People: Ministry Invitation

As I mentioned in the post on job descriptions, I personally don’t think they should be handed to someone alone. There’s so much more to say about the culture of your church, and also why you think this person would be great at this position!

Along with a job description, I include a Ministry Invitation which serves as both cover letter and contract agreement for an employee. In the past I’ve also used these for volunteer positions. Again – it’s about everyone being on the same page.

Behind the job description, I also include our Common Core, which is just a one-page description of our core values as a church. It’s one of the quickest ways to put on paper who we are as a church, and the culture we seek.

After that is a document called Shared Leadership Values. These speak to the type of environment we desire in our office and peer relationships. It talks about accountability, excellence, and returning phone calls. 😉

Here you go! Stewarding People - information on church HR, team, staff, and volunteer practices

Ministry Invitation – Sample

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