Thinking is Hard

thinking hardby Emily Houser

Have you ever found yourself searching the deep recesses of your brain, trying desperately to remember the name of the actor that starred in that film Space Camp? But for the life of you, you canNOT remember their name. Not a problem, just Google it. “Oh yeah, I remember now!” But that’s just it, I didn’t actually remember, Google did. Google did my thinking so I didn’t have to.

Now let’s take it to the next level. What was that scripture that says something about “…if we know how not to give our kids scorpions, that GOD who is a much better parent than we are will give us anything that we ask for”? I think that’s how it goes anyways. Google-ing it now. There it is, Luke 11. I’m a theological genius! I can also read here what Charles Finney has to say about it or John Piper (I’ve heard their names before, so they must know what they are talking about), but skip that cause I don’t have time to read right now so…*click*.

Information–so easy to come by. Day or night, on a boat or on a train, in a box or with a fox, here or there or anywhere, we almost always have instant access. And as long as it’s less than 500 inoffensive words that support our point of view and is mildly entertaining, we might wade through it. Bonus points if we can find a poignant retweetable hashtag.

Take this blog for instance. You’re probably reading it because you know me. If you don’t know me then you are probably going to read it because someone you trusted told you I was awesome (which is true and should be the poignant retweetable hashtag  #thisgirlisawesome!). But is it TRUE that I am awesome? I believe that to be a true statement, but I have heard others disagree, so who is right? What does scripture say about my awesomeness? And just because I am awesome, should you ingest my thoughts and opinions about scripture or anything and how it relates to your life without question? What if I’m wrong?  *GASP*

Listen, I am NOT going to boil this blog on thinking down for you into five easy “how to’s” or an acronym like S.T.O.P. or T.H.I.N.K. that will help you remember what I told you to do. My hope is that this blog will prompt you to start longing to boil things down for yourself, that you won’t believe everything you read on the internet about anything. I hope you will start to chew on Scripture for yourself, and feed yourself. Start working on one verse at a time until your own thoughts begin to form—Holy Spirit-inspired thoughts. Hey, ask the Holy Spirit for help, and wait until you get an answer. Don’t worry if it isn’t immediate.  Don’t be afraid if they are “right” or “wrong” based on what someone else says.  Let’s all become Bible-based Holy Spirit-led thinkers.

But hey, what do I know?


Emily-HouserAppalachian born and raised, Emily Houser now ministers to the mountain people of East Tennessee. Specifically, she works in the women’s jail there, and is currently church planting in Cocke (yes, you read that correctly) County, TN, where they still handle snakes in the Spirit-filled churches (not hers) and fight cocks (but not in church cause that’s just sacrilegious).  She loves Jesus, her family, mowing, and Dolly Parton… in that order.

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