I have enough grace for today.

I don’t have enough grace for every situation from my yesterdays where I should have done better or somebody else should have done better by me.  I can’t afford to waste any of today’s grace reliving yesterday.

But I do have enough for today.

I have enough grace to encourage everybody in my today.
Maybe yesterday I wasn’t an encourager.
Maybe I was a pretty mediocre mom and a downright nasty driver to my fellow travelers.
But yesterday I forgot that I had grace for that day and I used it up on the tomorrows and all of the ways that I fear I may not have enough grace for those days.

But not today.  Today is the day when I will use His grace to add courage to all of the Bigs and the Smalls that I meet.

It’s not that I have a small amount of grace, or “just enough” grace for today.  It’s actually overflowing and leaking when I remind myself of it.
But it’s earmarked, set aside, designated for purpose and that purpose is today.

I can forgive today.  I can love today.  I can see light enter darkness and His beauty become so bright that it heals the blind today.

Tomorrow will have it’s own worries and needs, but it will also have it’s own provision.

So today…right now…this minute I’m looking for the place, person, event where poured out grace can turn to reflected glory until we’re swimming in it…light as a feather, deep as an ocean, sweeter than my five year old’s slobbery kiss….Today’s Grace.

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